Attention Living Kabbalah Students
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With this easy and fun tool for physical and emotional well being you can diffuse negative energy and stress, dispel anger, dump depression. Create self esteem, cultivate the power of prosperity, become fearless. Using the technology encoded in the bible anyone can transform their life, anytime and anywhere.

The 72 Names are not names in the ordinary sense, they are a power source that tap into the infinite spiritual current that flows through the world. Based on the book by best-selling author and co-director of The Kabbalah Centre, Yehuda Berg, this app resembles a deck of 72 meditation cards. On one side you'll find the 72 Name with illustration and on the other you'll find an explanation and meditation.

Transform your life. Tap into the 72 Names app.

Knowledge of Hebrew not required; All that's required is an open heart and a willing mind.